The film “Super Size Me” by Morgan Spurlock is manipulating and distorts the truth about McDonalds and its products. First, this movie portrays grotesque images of McDonald’s food.  Mr.Spurlock has an experiment that shows things that can happen if you leave food out at room temperature.  Spurlock gets three burgers and a fry from McDonalds, and also gets a burger and fries from a non-fast food restaurant.  Spurlock places each of them into different jars and waits weeks, and then shows them again.  The now rotten food, grossing out viewers but if people think about it; food that does not stay refrigerated is naturally suppose to rot.  Secondly, “Super Size Me” suggests that eating McDonald’s food will make you sick.  Spurlock eats an enormous amount of McDonald’s food, consequentially allowing the viewer to see him vomiting and also shows his puke close up.  Yet, when you eat too much you get sick and if you continue to eat you throw up. Thirdly, this film is attempting to say eating McDonald’s food might make you die.  Doctors wanted Morgan to stop the experiment because they were concerned for his health.   He continued although his liver might shut down along with gaining an excessive amount of weight in a short time. Furthermore, he did not exercise at all during this time period. The media perception misleads many into thinking what is good for you but the healthiest choice on the menu is very unhealthy, distorting the truth.

McDonald’s does have some healthier choices, other than burgers and fries, available for people that eat there on occasion that can be incorporated in to a healthy diet.  Exercise is a key component In order to maintain a healthy life style. Athletes compete in a wide variety of physical events and for that they need more calories to have more energy to compete and then burn off those calories.  Someone can choose to walk to McDonald’s or other daily physical activity to burn off the extra calorie consumption.  In addition, the frequency of eating out can be limited.  Healthy meals at home can control the fat, salt and sugar.  Besides, if you don’t go to McDonald’s often, there is no ill effect on your body.   Portion control is an also an important aspect of a nutritious meal.  Canada’s food guide has specific guild lines to follow to maintain a balanced diet.  McDonalds can be incorporated every now and then as part of a healthy diet.  Finally, everything in moderation can be included for a healthy diet. 


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  1. I totally agree! There’s nothing wrong with eating McDonalds every once in a while, as long as you’re including it in a balanced diet. Everything in excess makes us sick, and obviously has an adverse affect on our health.

  2. I like this Tori, hahahha who doesn’t love eating dons. It’s true that is doesn’t necessarily affect us if we only eat small portions every once in a while kind of like what Kristen said.

    On the other hand, we should probs go super size our next meal at dons…….. 😉

  3. i agree eating McDonalds once an a while is ok but it is still bad for you. what he did is prove that if you eat it all the time it can cause you to die. and i don’t agree with the athletes eating McDonalds for more calories cause they would just be eating more fat. if they wanted more calories they could just eat more bread a home and other meals instead of going out to eat food that isn’t the best thing for you.

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