There are all different kinds of laws of life in the world. The three laws of life I find most important is honesty, generosity and being an inspiring person for other people to look up to.

When and doubt, tell the truth.  No matter where you get in life, lying isn’t going to get you there. 

The person that I admire, and inspires me the most, is my live fit teacher Mrs. Rowe.  She pushes me when I need to be pushed. She helps me when I’m in trouble; and most of all, she has the most confidence in me unlike any other teacher I’ve had. Every one has those lazy days, sad days and sick day, but she helps me realize that I can do anything; no matter what kind of mood I’m in, or how I’m feeling. Mrs Rowe doesn’t settle for less than my best everyday. Mrs. Rowe, not only pushes me, but she helps me whenever I’m in trouble, she gives me the best advice to get me out of whatever trouble I’m in. she always has my back.  Mrs. Rowe help[s me all of the time, but the thing I like most is she has confidence in me, unlike any other teacher I’ve had. Lastly, I’d love to have fellow class mates, siblings, and any other person to look at me as an inspirational person, like I look at Mrs. Rowe. 


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  1. That’s really sweet that Mrs Rowe inspires you, its really special to hear that some teachers do help students not with just academics but with other things to. I think we all need someone to look up to in this world and it can be more than one person. I’m sure you have other people that inspire you to and you’ll be able to inspire others just like Mrs. Rowe does to you 🙂

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