On Thursday October 18th my best friend Tina Knoxgot admitted to the Victoria Hospital of London Ontario because of an eating disorder. She’s a huge fan and you inspire her. Your music motivates her to BELIEVE she can get through this. No one understood what she was going through, many people still found the need to bully her, and laugh because of how skinny she was instead of being there fo

r her. They didn’t understand what she was going through in her mind. It took one bad fall for everyone to realize that she wasn’t actually okay and she hasn’t been for a while. After getting rushed to the hospital with heart failure , not only did everyone else realize that she needed help, but Tina also realized that she needed help as well, and that’s such a huge step. Tina’s strong because she’s finally realized that a person doesn’t need to be skinny to be pretty or healthy, and I wish every girl could realize that being skinny isn’t the definition of beauty. This is one of the hardest and saddest moments in everyone’s lives around her, but we BELIEVE that she’ll get better, because she’s starting to believe in herself. If there’s any chance you could visit her at the hospital that would make her dreams come true, and maybe if even inspire her to become healthy and love herself for who she is, and not for what she’s not. Sincerely the people that stuck by her side from day 1 Jaclyn Klein Shauna Horst  @shannonjewitt

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  1. I’m glad she has friends like you guys, like wow that’s amazing. She really is super strong, I have always known her to be beautiful, kind, and be herself. And again something bad has to happen before people notice any difference, too bad we all couldn’t get along and stop bulling.

  2. I hope Tina is doing well and learning how to cope with her new reality. Getting healthy from something like this isn’t something that happens overnight. She’ll need her friends more than ever.

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